In 1918, John (Jack) Alfred Wold moved to Huron, SD and established Huron Welding in a 12′ x 28′ room in the back of the Fair City Garage. By 1922, he had purchased the building then known as the Fair City Garage. He owned and operated Huron Welding Shop through the 20’s, the depression of the 30’s and the rebounding economy of the 40’s.

In 1954, John sold the business to his son, Harlan J. Wold. Harlan continued to perform the same type of services as his father-repair and fabrication-keeping the business flourishing and raising a family.

In August 1985, Harlan Wold sold Huron Welding to his son, James A. Wold.

Through the past 86 years, the original 12′ x 28′ room, which is still part of our operation, has continued to expand to the 24,640 square feet of space that we currently occupy.

Huron Welding and our newest branch, “Alliance Enclosures”, is still known as the place in Huron where you can go to get an office chair fixed or have a custom bracket fabricated for the new garage door you’re mounting at home. In addition, we still do a great deal of contractor support work. We have several portable rigs with which we perform out of shop service; however, the last several years have seen our focus change toward the fabrication end of the metalworking business.

With our focus toward fabrication have come some changes in the operation. Purchasing a multitude of equipment has greatly expanded our capabilities. Resulting in what seems like a constant state of remodeling.

As we grow and our focus changes from one area to another, Huron Welding will always be the place where you can still bring that office chair for repair or have a custom bracket, for your new garage door, fabricated.


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