“When I was trying to come up with a more efficient way to trade markets, I thought if I had a desk with 12 monitors I would be able to chart and trade multiple contracts simultaneously. The desk would have to be sectional, so I could take it apart and reassemble it in my house. So I called Joel with my idea. He told me to come to his office and sit down with him. I gave him the rough dimensions of the desk and Joel drew it up on his AutoCAD. He said they’d have it done in a week, which they delivered on. It turned out perfect, the paint job was very nice, along with the design. I took it home, set it up, and found it was exactly what I had envisioned.  Huron Welding has built and repaired many things for my farm over the years and I have never been disappointed.”

-Troy Brandt








“Huron Welding is one of those rare businesses that takes care of you with expert support and service at every step of the design and manufacturing process.  Whether it’s a small or large job, I have received the same quality service and finished product every time. Jim, Joel, and their team have designed and manufactured two custom pieces for me recently to be used in my home.  They were able to take a rough sketch and description from me and turn it into a great finished products. Whether you have a small or large job that needs to be done I couldn’t recommend any company more highly that Huron Welding. “

-Andrew Wieting


“I have been going to Huron Welding for some of my specialty part needs that I use in my farming
operation. Huron Welding has always been open to my ideas and willing to work with my idea to get
the job done I want accomplished. As a farmer, I am always looking for ways to improve my equipment
with higher quality material, such as stainless steel. I have been able improve my operation with quality
parts that will last a long time and are affordable. I am grateful for a business like this that is right at my
finger tips and wanting to help out anyway they can.”

– Eric Decker